DISCLAIMER: This Research Report was made as one of the projects of the UX Design Course for the Juno College of Technology, and has no relation to the brand mentioned.

Priscila Mattos | UX Designer | June 2020


Atlantic Superstore is a chain of supermarkets operating in Nova Scotia, as well as in Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick. Currently, Atlantic Superstore is still owned by Loblaw Companies, through George Weston Ltd.

Atlantic Superstore® offers a variety of food and ensures that the grocery items you’re looking for are available. Customers can order easily from the comforts of their home or office and choose between pick up or delivery at an affordable cost.


The main objective of this research is to analyze, critique, and redesign a functional User Experience Flow, understanding what are the user needs and concerns when shopping on the Atlantic Superstore website. It may include, but not limited, the following ideas:

  • Possibilities/alternatives to make easier to find products for people with dietary restrictions;
  • User’s routine and the way it is related to grocery shopping;
  • How much bad design can affect the user experience.


    Participants were recruited through friends, family, and personal connections. A link to a Google Form questionnaire including 14 questions based on shopping experiences was sent by e-mail to seven participants who are already engaged in online grocery shopping. They were be able to answer the questionnaire using their desktop or mobile device at home.



    1. Have you ordered groceries online before? Y/N
    2. If yes, did you order using a desktop or mobile device?
    3. If no, what would you make you start buying groceries online?
      a. No delivery fee
      b. Same day delivery
      c. Monthly subscription
    4. Which option do you believe is more relevant when buying groceries online?
      a. Product specification (calories, ingredients, etc)
      b. Discount when buying more than one of the same item
      c. Reviews from other customers
    5. What is the hardest part of buying groceries online?
    6. Have you ever paid for express delivery before? Y/N
    7. When you are navigating on the Atlantic Superstore website, how do you feel about the way that the menu options are arranged on screen?
    8. When you are navigating on the Atlantic Superstore website, how do you feel about the way that the products are presented on screen?
    9. How would you go about proceeding to check out and paying for your order?
    10. What was the hardest task to accomplish?
    11. Was the interface easy to understand?
    12. Could you about one thing you liked the most about the design?
    13. Please talk about one thing you disliked the most about the design.
    14. And if you could change one thing about the design, what would it be?
    Empathy Map
    Quotes from Research


    Artboard with research insights


    Site Map


    Some errors were found on the website during the usability/accessibility evaluation, mostly related to contrast issues between foreground and background:

    The contrast between the black colour used on the background and the text colour in grey makes the content unreadable.

    There are two issues in this section: the sale icon in red and yellow, and the thin font-style and colour of Price/g could be difficult to understand for those who are visually impaired.

    Missing the ALT attribute in some images.


    The Atlantic Superstore customers are looking for direct information and don’t like to spend time researching due to the following reasons:

    In this research was possible to understand that the website has some issues that need to be solved: